Someone brought me an old Indian Motorcyles Sticker a while back. He wanted to know if I could make him one or a few. I thought it was a extraordinarily fine example of logo art of that era. It often happens that I have to create clean vector art for customers logos. Remake them in a digital format that is scalable in other words.  Anyway, It got me to thinking about looking up some more examples of other vintage automotive logos. I threw in some badges and hood ornaments just for fun.  I thought it might be interesting to share here. Keep in mind that when most of these were created there was no such thing as a computer. These were hand lettered as comps and the final art was done with t-squares, circle templates, french curves and rendered in ink. Not that I’m old enough to have ever used any of these antiquated tools;).  If you enjoy these drop me an email to let me know which one is your personal favorite.


pontiac logo Firebird Logo Harley Logo
Chevy Badge Ford Badge Goodyear Logo
Pontiac Hood Ornament Mack Truck Bulldog Impala Logo
lkjhlhIndian Motorcycles Logo

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