Star Date: 01/04/2014:
"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds......
But seriously the purpose of this new feature is to "hopefully" provide some interesting information about recently completed projects and current activities to enlighten or possibly entertain clients and prospects alike.

Not unlike Star Trek I'm trying to navigate my way around this strange new world of super high tech toys which make it possible for us to completely "wrap" a vehicle or a building or virtually anything else in an advertising message. These things we never imagined 25 years ago when I started in the Graphic Arts business.

At this moment in time and space I find myself enjoying the creative possibilities and technological advances that allow me and my machines to create all sorts of cool graphics to help my clients advertise and brand their vehicles, buildings, storefronts, tradeshows, events, etc.

We are the garage business that the franchises and high overhead competitors growl about. Our world headquarters consists of a 3000 square foot shop adjacent to a large studio inside my home filled with the androids of the trade.

We save money on overhead but spare no expense in the highest possible quality, state of the art materials and craftsmanship. Take a test flight with us?



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01/04/2014, The Final Frontier